Giving Back to The Community- Living Building Challenge

green livingCan you imagine a home or some other type of building that is fully self-sufficient? A building that is able to take in more power and other resources than it actually uses? This could be the best way of giving back to the community and it is being done through the Living Building Challenge. It is something that many communities are hoping to start doing, because they feel that every construction can make the world a better place to live.

The Living Building Challenge

living building challengeIf you are wondering, “what is the living building challenge?” you aren’t alone. It is something that not many people are aware of, but it could be something that you hear more about in the near future as more and more people start trying to do things that improve the environment. The challenge was set forth in 2006. The goal was to create a building that could be self-sustaining. This can be done using salvaged materials, private gardens, and more. They also enable the building owner to collect natural resources and use them at a later time. For instance, rainwater harvesting so that you can hold water to use for the garden, out into the fields, and into the home.

Upgrading Local Buildings

living roofOne way that communities are starting to embrace the challenge is to use solar panels when they can and putting more windows on sunnier sides of the home or office buildings. Some newer buildings are also using radiant heating sources since they heat the floor of a home rather than the air to create warmth. Composting toilets are also becoming more common in areas outside of an RV or campsite. This allows people to use waste as fertilizer. To increase the fresh air in the building, there are people who are creating living roofs. This allows them to build in smaller areas and have less of an impact on the trees and grass that would normally be covered up by the new buildings.

A Positive Impact for All

When a community comes together to create buildings that are self sufficient and have a lower negative impact on the environment, everyone wins. Power bills drop, pollution declines, and everyone gets to have a community that is closer together. More people will be producing their own fruits and vegetables, so they will eat healthier foods. By collecting and storing rainwater to use for cleaning, water the lawn, or the garden, people will use up less of our water supply. This will be helpful when there are times of drought and people are most concerned about wasting water. When you reuse old furniture or old metal to turn it into something newly useful to you, you are cutting down on the waste that takes over landfills in your area. It just brings everything together so that you have less of a negative impact on the land that we all depend on to be there for our future generations. This is not only helpful to you at this time, but your great grand kids and their children.

Remodeling the Kitchen; Cabinets Included

remodelsThere is a lot of emphases put on improving the way your home looks before you attempt to sell it. However, not many homeowners want to sell want to invest a lot of money into their home because they are done with it. They want to avoid the expense, but get the most profits for it. There is a way that you can upgrade even in the kitchen. If it wouldn’t cost you a fortune would you consider remodeling the kitchen; cabinets included?

The Kitchen Matters Most

kitchen remodelsWhen selling any home, most homeowners have specific things that they look for. Not only must it have the right number of bedrooms, but it must also have the right kitchen and bathroom. The kitchen quickly becomes the most expensive area to upgrade, but it could make the difference between a sell or no sell. Most people like a modern kitchen that are large enough to allow them to have family gatherings in it. You may not be able to change all areas of your kitchen, but you can make improvements that will modernize it and make it noteworthy to a potential buyer.

Small, But Important Upgrades

shelvesIf you have outdated appliances, you may want to consider upgrading them. However, you do not want to go out and purchase the most expensive appliances. Instead, look for things that are energy efficient and those that have a good warranty that can be transferred to a new owner. There are other things to consider when buying appliances and most of them will relate to the amount of cabinet space you have in your kitchen. For the cabinets, you should avoid wasting money as much as possible. Instead of creating a space that you feel is a dream kitchen, complete with a Lazy Susan in the corner, stick to the basics. If you want to skip out further on the price, you may consider just repainting the existing cabinets if yours are in good condition. When you repaint the cabinet, you may also consider updating the hardware on them. Add fresh knobs and pull handles and the entire kitchen will soon look like a newer and more modern setup.

Most Popular Cabinetry Pieces

To ensure that your cabinets are perfect for a majority of people, you may want to think about what they are looking for. When choosing colors, a lot of people like the look of grey cabinets. Along with this, many people like bold fixtures, faucets that work from a touch and those that resist fingerprints are both impressive. Many people also like easy close doors and drawers to protect little fingers. If you have a kitchen that lacks storage, you may consider adding an extra one if you can. If you are unable to add, you may consider putting up some shelving to give the new owner more space. If your sink is outdated, you may consider adding a farmhouse sink since many people are now choosing them when they purchase a new home build. To help you get more ideas of affordable and easy kitchen remodels, you may choose to look into Designers Choice Cabinetry. Their cabinets are beautiful and perfect for even small kitchen spaces.

Staging A Home for Virtual Tour

stage kitchenWhen you are trying to sell a house on today’s market, you are not limited to local buyers only. Your real-estate agent will most likely want to set up a virtual tour so that you can advertise to a broader range of people. This is great news because it may mean that you have a successful sale much faster. However, a tour of your home is something that does require you to stage your home. Do you know what goes into staging a home for a virtual tour?

Setting the Stage

pictureIt may sound silly, but when doing a virtual tour, your home is the stage. This means that you have to make it look great to other people who will see it. With this, you should keep in mind that less is more. If you are still living in the house, this may seem difficult to do, but it is necessary for you to eliminate the clutter and remove the personal items that you are able to remove. You should keep only the clothes that are needed in the closet, only the necessary foods in the pantry, and keep everything else down to the bare necessities. For some people, it may feel as though they are moving out prematurely when they are trying to stage, but it is for a beneficial cause.

Why Staging is Necessary

When staging, you are allowing people to envision themselves in your home. They will not be able to do that if the home is filled with your own items. If you have a lot of clothes in your closet so that it looks cluttered, the potential buyer may feel that the closets are too small. If you have a lot of toiletries in the bathroom, your counters will look too small. You are better off to have a small picture frame with a decorative tea tree oil lotion recipe in it than to have pictures of sea shells on your bathroom wall. Sea shells are more feminine and may not appeal to a male buyer. You need your home to appeal to everyone if you want to sell it faster.

Always Ask for Help

stagingIf you are not sure what it will take to get your home staged and ready for a virtual tour to be created, you can ask for help. Chances are good, your real estate agent will have a lot of ideas for what they like to see when setting the stage. Pick a professional such as Professional Edge Consulting, to get the best idea.  They may tell you the areas that need to be de-cluttered or what pictures may need to come down off the walls to make it more appealing to others. They may also know of someone that they can hire to come in and do the tough stuff for you. Either way, if you happen to get a quick sale out of it, you will be better off since it will mean that you can begin the next chapter in your life. Your buyer will also be able to get started with their future. Who wouldn’t want that?